Can Your Facility conduct a Facility Based CNA Training Program

If you can answer yes to questions 1-3, and the answer to question 4 is not too expensive for you, you can probably qualify to conduct a facility based CNA training program.

  1. Is your ability to conduct a program suspended by CDPH?
    • If your facility has received a G or higher deficiency in a Survey, your ability to conduct a CNA training program or serve as a clinical site may have been suspended. This is not automatic, and you should have been notified if it has happened.
    • If you have any question as to whether your ability to conduct a training program has been suspended you should contact your CDPH District Office.
    • Suspensions last two-years.
    • There is a process through which a facility can appeal a training program suspension, based on a lack of training programs in a geographic area.
  2. Do you have adequate space?
    • You need a classroom that has enough space for your students. For a class of 15 students you should have a room with a minimum of 150 square feet of floor space.
    • Your classroom should be located in an area where students don’t disrupt or interfere with residents.
    • Classroom space can be shared with other activities, but must be available to the CNA training program during scheduled classroom time.
    • Ideally, you should have a dedicated “Skills Lab” space. This is an area with a hospital bed and other equipment in which students can practice. It could be a corner of the classroom. If you don’t have a dedicated space for the Skills Lab, you can utilize resident rooms at times that residents are not present.
  3. Do you have a Qualified Instructor?
  4. What supplies do you need to procure and what do you already have?

Training CNAs in your facility