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Key Steps in Establishing a Nursing Assistant Training Program

The key steps in establishing a facility-based nursing assistant training program are:

  1. Secure training sites, both for classroom and clinical.
  2. Identify faculty who meet CDPH requirements.
  3. Establish Policies and Procedures that meet CDPH requirements.
  4. Select curricula and develop a training schedule.
  5. Submit an NATP application to CDPH.
  6. Wait 90-180 days for CDPH review.
  7. Handle the inevitable inquiries and directed changes from CDPH, which must go back and forth until you are approved. You have 90 days to complete this process; if it takes longer you will be disqualified and must wait a year to reapply.
  8. Go through a CDPH site inspection.
  9. Once approval is received begin advertising the program and enrolling students.

Any facility can do this, but there is a steep learning curve. It’s hard to find the guidance and application materials. Applications and policy materials must be done right and CDPH requirements are very specific. If you do not use standard, compliant materials you will face delays while your application is reviewed.

Ken Merchant Consulting Services can help streamline the application process for you.

We have experience producing compliant applications, policies & procedures, forms, curricula and training plans. We have submitted over a dozen successful Nursing Assistant Training Program applications over the last five years. We’ve already made all the rookie mistakes, and our application materials are guaranteed to meet CDPH requirements.

Ken Merchant Consulting Services offers a range of support options for your NATP application. These range from providing you access to materials and a little guidance so that you can do the work yourself, up to designing your program from the ground up, training your team, completing the application documentation for you, and serving as your agent throughout the application and training start up processes.

Service Packages Include:

Do It Yourself Support Package—$500

  • Electronic copies of all CDPH NATP Application Forms and Resources for you to fill out.
  • “Fill in the Blank” Policies & Procedures manual template that can be used as is, or that you can modify to meet your needs.
  • Electronic copy of the NATAP Curriculum for CNA training, which is the recommended curriculum for California CNA programs.
  • Coordination with text book vendors, to include a sample copy of one of the available text books.
  • Written recommendations for conducting your NATP, including class schedule design, supply lists, documentation and reporting requirements.

Expanded Support Package—$1,000

  • All of the components of the Do It Yourself Package
  • Phone and e-mail coordination to assist in your completion of the NATP application materials.
  • Review of all NATP application materials before they are sent in for review by CDPH, including your facility training plan. This includes guidance and recommendations for revisions.
  • If you receive notes or required changes from CDPH, we will provide advice and assistance in making corrections.

Deluxe Support Package—$1,500

  • All of the components of the Do It Yourself and Expanded Support Packages.
  • We will design a custom facility training plan for you, with supporting materials. This will be designed to meet the latest 160 hour training requirements, and maximize opportunities to utilize Nursing Assistants on the floor, and toward your 3.5 staffing requirement, during the training process.

Concierge Support Package—$3,000

  • All of the components of the Do It Yourself, Expanded and Deluxe Support Packages
  • We will customize and complete the application package and all components for you, and deliver all materials printed and bound. You will only need to do minimal work (mostly signatures) before you mail the application to CDPH for review.
  • Produce necessary collateral material for you for the training site. This includes creating “Site Binders” that hold all the documentation CDPH will need to see if they visit your CNA class in progress, and 15 Test Binders for students to use when they take chapter quizzes.
  • On call assistance for all aspects of the application review process, and for preparation of your class site for the CDPH site inspection. We can provide experienced staff to be present for your site inspection with prior coordination, with travel and lodging expenses being an additional cost.

Other services are available, with price to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Provide an experienced CNA instructor to mentor your DSD prior to the start of your first CNA class.
  • Assist with recruiting experienced CNA instructors if you decide to hire a dedicated instructor rather than using your DSD.
  • Provide support services documentation of, and regulatory compliance for CNA classes. This could include providing customized CDPH Form 283Bs, Student documentation packets (skills and test checklists, attendance sheets, graduation certificates), assistance in scheduling state certification exams, and submission of CDPH documentation at the start and conclusion of each class.

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